Relief For Ruto As Court Lifts Suspension Of PS Vetting

The Labour Court has granted the National Assembly permission to continue vetting the 51 PS nominees named by President William Ruto.

This comes after Justice Nduma Nderi dismissed petitions contesting the vetting that was already underway in Parliament on Tuesday, November 29, stating they were premature.

“The preliminary objections by the Attorney General, the National Assembly, and the Public Service Commission are successful solely to the degree that the Petitioners’ combined petitions are thrown out for being submitted prematurely,” Justice Nduma declared.

While dismissing the petitions filed by petitioners headed by LSK, the judge noted that the court would be called upon to revisit the subject after the National Assembly’s vetting procedure is completed.

“This is a sacred mandate given by Parliament by the people of Kenya and the court must play differently in the house in that respect. Accordingly, the consolidated petitions have been filed prematurely and the Petitioners must await the conclusion of the process by the national assembly which is now seized of. That the process is participatory and the court hopes appropriate presentation is made to the national assembly by members of the public to enrich that process,” ordered the Judge.