Relief for Teachers as Government releases Free Day Secondary Education funds

free day secondary Fund

The Ministry of Education has released Free Day Secondary Education (FDSE) funds at a capitation rate of KShs 5,151.00 per student. – KBC

In a circular Wednesday to Regional Coordinators of Education and County Directors of Education, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education Dr. Richard Belio Kipsang says the data used for this capitation was extracted from National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) earlier this month.

In regards to payment of salaries to school employees, he said in January 2020, the Ministry of Education released 50% of FDSE funds to schools which included P.E funds up to June 2020. In this regard, he said Ksh 3,226 per learner should be utilized in the payment of salaries to non-teaching staff, water and electricity bills as well as administrative costs up to December 2020.

On utilization of maintenance and improvement funds, the PS said a total annual allocation for Maintenance and Improvement (M&l) was Ksh 5,000 of which Ksh 4,000 was disbursed in January 2020. He noted that an additional Ksh 500.00 per learner has been released to enable schools prepare for re-opening in January 2021 to conform to COVID-19 guidelines.

Consequently, he noted that the contents of a circular dated 26th November 2019 on the amounts for M&l will change to Ksh 4,500.00.

Dr Kipsang said the Ministry of Education will support teachers employed by the Boards of Management (BOMs) as at 15th March 2020 for six months only form July to December 2020 by paying them Ksh.10,000.00 per month.

“Each teacher must sign for the money personally and records kept for later auditing. Payment should be made monthly and not in advance, Schools with BOM teachers will receive a separate commensurate disbursement based on the data obtained from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in to their operation account. Only teachers with TSC numbers will benefit from this package. This circular supersedes the one dated 20th August, 2020.” He said