Employers have been directed to notify the National Employment Authority of the termination of every employee and layoff within two weeks of the dismissal – By Gerald Gekara

Through a government gazette notice, Director-General Edith Okoki, employers will be required to submit the returns on termination to the government agency through the National Employment Authority Integrated Management System.

“Hard-copy or email returns will not be accepted and employers are supposed to file returns on the National Employment Authority Integrated Management System at www.neaims.go.ke ,” she said.

The Kenyan workforce has been bearing the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, with data from the Federation of Kenyan employers revealing that most firms are operating at 50 percent capacity or lower.

However, business is slowly crawling back to normal, after business owners were instructed to adhere to strict directives on social distancing, hygiene and sanitization.

One such sectoe is the restaurants, that were given a greenlight to resume their operations, only from 5 am to 5pm under strict guidelines such as mandatory testing of clients and staff.