Narok Pilot impunity that nearly killed Governor

narok helicopter crash
narok helicopter crash

In fact, altitudes of more than 8,500 feet above sea level are a no go zone for the Robinson R44 helicopter that the governor, an MP, and a bodyguard were flying. – By Gerald Gekara.

Aviation experts have revealed that the ill-fated chopper that almost killed Narok Governor Samuel Tunai originated from a lower altitude, and that is why it could not take off from Melili, Narok North.

According to a top Aviation expert based at Wilson Airport, the pilot is in deep trouble for the breach.
“The chopper cannot take off at that altitude. It has no capacity to fly above its recommended 8,979 ft. It was just a suicide attempt by the captain”, the expert said.

The revelation puts in question the safety of the choppers that are flown all over Kenya by politicians and wheeler-dealers. Experts say the chopper owners knew about its capacity and should never have flown it to Narok North.

According to the Robinson R44 data, the accident could have been avoided if the pilot kept to the original manufacturer’s manual.

It is however prudent to note that the Robinson R44s were involved in 42 fatal crashes in the U.S. from 2006 to 2016, more than any other civilian helicopter.

This makes Robinson R44 the most dangerous civilian helicopter among its peers.

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A status symbol in Kenya

Choppers have become synonymous with politicians, who recklessly fly them accross Kenya.

Had Governor Samuel Tunai died in the Helicopter crash in Narok North on Saturday, allegations of foul play would have followed suit.

It would have been demonstrations galore in Narok County to protest at the killing of elected leaders by supposed agents of doom.

The Government would have been blamed for the killing. It would have even been linked to 2022 politics by idiots.

Tunai was with Narok East Mp Lemanken Aramat at the time of the crash.

The Governor is a former NIS officer and a close ally of embattled Deputy President William Ruto.

Why a leader of the capacity and training like Tunai would risk his life and others is a paradox that has baffled many, unless he was playing politics with his own life.

Tunai had attended a funeral at Narok North Constituency.. others would have attended his own a few weeks later.

Eye witness accounts say the ill fated chopper was unable to lift. The same was confirmed by amateur videos circulating in social media.

Inexplicably, Governor Tunai is said to have insisted on his journey, despite the obvious difficulties.

It crashed less than 100 metres after take off.

It is not the first time choppers have crashed in Kenya. High profile Kenyans have lost their lives in circumstances that could have been avoided.

There appears to be no chopper regulation in Kenya.. and if it exists, it is never followed. In Kenya, everything goes, Politicians buy and fly choppers without due regard to safety.