Rubis Moves To Reverse CEO Deportation

Rubis Energy has made a last-ditch effort to prevent its CEO, Jean-Christian Bergeron, from being deported.

Following weeks of shortages that sparked public outrage, the State Directorate of Immigration canceled Mr. Bergeron’s work visa and forced him to leave the country immediately.

The deportation order comes after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) revealed that major oil companies raised their fuel exports to neighboring nations, causing a three-week-long fuel shortage.

According to sources, Rubis was in high-level talks with the Interior and Foreign Ministries by last evening to try overturning Mr Bergeron’s deportation.

After Total Energies and Vivo Energies, Rubis controls 8.6% of the local market, making it the third-largest marketer.

Gulf Energy, Rubis’ sibling firm, owns 2.7 percent of the market.

EPRA had warned on Monday that oil marketers seen hoarding fuel risk having their import quota reduced and their licenses revoked, among other consequences.

Leading oil marketers have lowered their fuel allocations for Kenya in favor of the regional market where they can make more money, according to an Epra research issued on Tuesday.

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