Russia death toll could be higher than reports, Whisleblower reveals

A statement from a top Russian official indicates that the country’s true coronavirus death toll is more than three times higher than the country’s official statistics show.

With an actual Covid-19 death toll of 186,000, Russia would have the third-highest number of any country in the world, after the United States and Brazil.

Golikova’s statement marks the first time a Russian official has acknowledged what critics have long suspected: That Russia’s true coronavirus death toll is much higher than the official toll, which is under 56,000.

Critics have expressed overwhelming skepticism of Russia’s official figures, saying that the issue lies with the counting method that permits ascribing deaths in coronavirus-infected patients to other causes, and allows officials to claim a lower toll.

For instance, Rosstat said that 35,645 people with coronavirus or suspected coronavirus died in November, but added that in about a third of fatalities Covid-19 was not considered to be the main cause of death or a major factor in the death at all.

Russia’s coronavirus task force, which publishes daily statistics on new cases and fatalities using a different methodology than Rosstat, reported only 12,229 coronavirus-related deaths in November.