Ruto To Eala Mps: Focus On Trade, Investment And Peace In Region

    President William Ruto has asked Kenya’s representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) to focus on trade and investment in the region.

    The President said East Africa holds immense economic potential that partner nations are yet to maximize.

    “The economic expansion of the Community is in the best interest of all nations and citizens of East Africa.”

    The President also asked the regional MPs to advocate for peace in the region.

    The President was speaking at State House, Nairobi, when he met Kenya’s representatives to EALA.

    He challenged them to work as a team for the good of the country.

    “When we talk about trade and investment, there are no political parties; do your best for our country and economy.”

    The legislators will be sworn in on December 21 in Arusha, Tanzania. The MPs, drawn from across the political divide, promised to put aside party differences and put Kenya’s interest first.