Rwanda has called the allegedly leaked UN Group of Experts’ (UNGoE) report accusing the country of supporting DR Congo rebel group, M23, as a tactical distraction from the real issues.

The allegations in the report that emerged on Thursday, August 4, claimed that the Rwandan army has supported and provided logistical assistance to the M23.

A statement by government spokesperson Yolande Makolo, indicates that the UN Security Council received a UNGoE report on DRC in June 2022, “which contained none of these false allegations, and a mid-term report is expected in December. This can only be a tactic to distract from the real issues.”

The statement from the Rwandan government equally hinted at the same scenario indicating that; “Until the problem of FDLR, which operates in close collaboration with the DRC army, is taken seriously and addressed, security in the Great Lakes region cannot be achieved. This is happening in full view of MONUSCO, which has been present in DRC for more than twenty years, but with no solution in sight.”

Meanwhile, following the recent resurgence of fighting between M23 rebels and the Congolese military together with its allies including FDLR terrorists, Congolese authorities alleged that the M23 rebel group gets support from Rwanda, a claim the latter has vehemently denied.

“The fact is that there have been attacks and shelling from the DRC into Rwandan territory on multiple occasions, resulting in fatalities and destruction of property. Investigations have been made, and were even part of the UN Group of Experts report in June. Rwanda has a legitimate and sovereign right to defend our territory and citizens, and not just wait for disaster to unfold,” reads part of the Rwandan government statement.

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“Rwanda has disarmed and cantoned M23 fighters far from the DRC border. Others scattered in the region, who are in conflict with their government, are not Rwanda’s responsibility. Rwanda also hosts tens of thousands of Congolese refugees, many for more than 25 years,” adds the statement.