Schools To Resume Normal Calendar On January

    The Ministry of Education has announced that the pre-covid school calendar will be reinstated on January 23, 2023.

    According to an internal memo dated November 7, the ministry will resume traditional opening and closing dates for pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools.

    The first term will run from January 23 to April 21, with a three-day break in March. The course will last 13 weeks.

    The second term will begin on May 8 and end on August 11, with a three-day break in late June. Likewise, the term will last 13 weeks.

    Each term will end with a two-week holiday. The third term will last 10 weeks, beginning on August 28 and ending on November 3.

    The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) will be held over four days from November 6 to November 9. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education will begin on November 10 and conclude on December 1.

    The memo also outlines the schedule for Teachers Training College from 2022 to 2023. Term one began on August 23 and will end on December 2, lasting 14 weeks, according to the memo.

    Term two starts on January 23 and lasts 13 weeks, ending on April 21. Trainee teachers will have a two-week break before the start of their third term on May 8. The 13-week session ends on August 11.

    Following a three-week break, students will return to class on September 4 for the start of their first term, which will last until November 18. The term will last 12 weeks with a six-week break in the middle.

    The memo is addressed to both Regional Directors of Education and County Directors of Education by the Permanent Secretary for the State Department of Basic Education.