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Seven Tourists Dead after Flash Floods in Hells Gate Park, Who is to Blame?

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BY GERALD GEKARA – Six out of the 7 missing tourists who were on a trail at Hell’s Gate’s breath-taking Ol-Jorowa gorge have been found dead, after a flash flood that swept them while in the trail.

According to reports from Kenya Wildlife Service, Thirteen tourists were visiting the trail, when rainfall from kilometers away caused a dangerous flash flood downstream, which engulfed the visitors.

According to Police reports, Five of the Dead were of Kenyans of Indian Origin; a Maasai tour guide and a foreigner whose citizenship is yet to be revealed.

The dreadful accident has led to finger-pointing and accusations over the Park’s security, being that such an incident has been happening before, with members of the public claiming laxity and negligence of crucial information.

The Ol-Jorowa Gorge was once a tributary to Lake Naivasha located nearby, before drying up thousands of years ago, leaving a vast trail that has been an attraction to many tourists.

In 2014, a similar incident occurred that claimed the life of eight members of a Nairobi church youth group under the same circumstances.

Despite its magnificence, the gorge still takes in huge volumes of water from nearby Nyandarua and Nakuru, resulting in random raging floods

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