Shaffie Weru, Dj Joe Mfalme, Neville fired from Homeboyz radio

Homeboyz Radio has terminated an expensive contract they had with Shaffie Weru, Dj Joe Mfalme and Neville over remarks that were insensitive. – By Stephanie Mwangi.

The three were accused of victim shaming a victim of sexual violence, this happened during their morning show at Homeboyz radio.

“Homeboyz radio and its parent company have terminated the services of Shaffie Weru, Neville, and Dj Joe Mfalme.” read part of the statement.

This comes after the public demanded that the trio be fired from the station, earlier on Radio Africa had given the three a suspension and the public became angrier, on Saturday EABL paused advertising with the station because of the remarks made by the presenters.

“Our partners and listeners will not be surprised to terminate their services as it is the right thing to do, the comments of the said employees were neither authorized, approved nor cleared by the company’s senior leadership, we are deeply disappointed by their conduct.”

Radio Africa has since said that they are committed to ensuring presenters and producers are regularly trained on Media and gender issues.