Shaq Calls Out Smiths Over ‘Apology’

Last month, the Oscars’ slapgate incident made headlines around the world. Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock has left a lasting impression. 

Many entities and celebrities, including Will, Chris, and Jada, have spoken out about it. Shaquille O’Neal isn’t afraid to speak his mind in public, and he’s given Will Smith some advice once again. 

After making a joke about his wife, Jada, the legendary actor slapped the comedian.

The academy was forced to take action against Will Smith as a result of the incident. Smith was then barred from appearing on any of the academy’s shows for the next ten years.

When Jada spoke on behalf of her and her husband, Will Smith, it seemed that she did not have her husband’s back to many people. However, they both agreed that the reaction could have and should have been different.

Shaq had shown his disagreement in the earlier episode of his podcast and was at it again. But he also had one stern piece of advice for Will.

Nischelle and Shaq went into a one-word debate of sorts about whether they had to admit it was wrong. “I’m never gonna say I was wrong for throwing that punch at Brad Miller. You ain’t never gonna hear me say it. It happened, we move on.” Shaq took his example. Shaq also gave Will Smith the 7-word advice, “Don’t let people make statements for you.”

Adams sparked the conversation by inquiring about the Smith couple’s alleged apologies in the aftermath of the slap. People assumed Jada didn’t support her husband’s side because she said it wasn’t right, according to Nischelle. 

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You may agree with Shaq on the whole or with Nischelle on the specifics. In any case, slapping someone on a stage in front of the entire world did not look good for any of the parties involved. It’s debatable who was correct, but the situation could have been handled better.