Shock-Twist As Victim Turns Into A Suspect

Daniel Muoki Kimuyu at the Milimani Court PHOTO BY CYRUS KIMANGA/ UZALENDO NEWS

A middle-aged man was arraigned in court facing charges of assault contrary to the law.

Daniel Muoki Kimuyu was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Micheni Wendy of Milimani Law courts where he was accused of assaulting Dennis Mwangeka Mombo at Mwanainchi Credit Limited- Eco bank towers.

However, Muoki through his advocate brought to the court’s attention that the case stinks to the abuse of power and corruption.

According to Muoki, he reported a crime of assault to the Central police station and was issued an OB got a medical report and then was later charged with the same crime he had reported to the police.

Muoki further told the court that on August 1, 2022, he reported to the police an offence of assault, thereafter he pushed all the way to the office of the director of public prosecution. On September 19, 2022, the DPP directed the police to investigate.

Curiously after the investigation, the police officers preferred to charge the complainant with the offence he had opted to get justice for.

The court released directed both the counsels for the suspect and complainant to seek alternative dispute resolution to solve the matter amicably.