Sierra Leone man seeking repatriation violently, arraigned in court

Charlie Antony Paul Lebbie at Kibera Court. He is accused of causing disturbance at the Sierra Leone High Commission | PHOTO - MESHACK MAKAU- For Uzalendo News

Charlie Antony Paul Lebbie was today arraigned before chief magistrate Joyce Gandani in Kibera.

He was prosecuted for creating a disturbance on January 23rd at Sierra Leone high commission chancery main entrance in the Gigiri area, Nairobi.

It was said that he tried to breach peace by shouting and banging at the gate armed with stones and threatened to hit one Oroko Rachari a security guard.

He, however, denied the charges and claimed that he had gone to the commission to seek help to be taken back to his home country since life had become unbearable for him in Kenya.

The magistrate assured him that, the court will issue an order to the commission for him to be flown back to Sierra Leon.

Until then he will remain in custody.


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