Sombre mood as KQ Pilot buried in Kitui

Families of Covid 19 victims are literally on their own..and have to burry their kin alone. And shed painfull tears without support from friends, hangers on and marauding politicians.

Worse still, undertakers wearing protective gear are the only persons allowed to get anywhere near the casket bearing the body of their loved ones…contaminated by the Covid virus…
This was aptly witnessed at Lee Funeral Home as the remains of Daudi Kibati and KRA employee Anthony Chege were wheeled out by undertakers…as their loved ones watched from a distance…

Only the next of kin- Jane Mwende Kibati, wife of the top Kenya Airways pilot was allowed into the funeral parlour to identify the coffin bearing the remains of her famous husband…the rest were kept well outside the fence…as the 2nd and 3rd victims of Corona virus were removed to their final destinations.

It would appear that we are headed to difficult times.
Funerals are now a game changer…
Politicians will no longer chest thumb and politic during these occasions. Partly because the Covid 19 pandemic allows a maximum of 20 people to attend a burial.

But that is not the only reason. Politicians are so much scared of contracting the COVID 19 virus, that they would rather stay at home…and send condolences message via social media.
And things are moving from bad to the worst…
Indeed times are literally grave for families whose kin die of the Corona virus.. After enduring the shock of losing loved ones within days, families now cannot bury their loved ones.

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At the Lee Funeral home yesterday, the remains of two falled Covid 19 heroes Major (Captain) Daudi Kibati of Kenya Airways and a Senior Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Anthony Njoroge were picked early today.
There was no body viewing. No last respects. The bodies were simply loaded into a hearse and transported to their final destinations.

The families watched from a distance as undertakers wearing protective masks buried the body of the former KRA boss at his Riuru home.
The same happened to the late Kibati as he was laid to rest at Mavindini Village, Kavisuni Sub Location.

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