Someone called me a hippo –Kamene Goro

Someone called me a hippo kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro is not a happy human being reason being is that someone body shamed her by calling her a hippo and this did not auger well with her

She went on to encourage her followers through a video on her Instagram that they shouldn’t let what people say tell them how they will live their lives.

“Today I left the house feeling very super confident, felt I looked really cute went took pictures then someone out of nowhere calls me a hippopotamus which had me thinking why there is so much negativity.

I want to take an opportunity and be on the other side of it, I know there are a lot of people who feel discouraged coz its tough but I want to encourage you .let’s start off this one you are beautiful whatever struggle you are going through right now is not bigger than the fight within you, you are more than enough you are here to conquer the world and it is yours.

You are a queen, nobody can determine who you are what you are than you so I want you to walk into your day with your head high said Kamene.