Sonko Not Yet Free: ODPP To Appeal Against Sonko’s Acquittal

The Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution (ODPP) plans to appeal against the ruling of Hon. Ogoti delivered today acquitting all accused persons in the case of the former governor of Nairobi, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, and others.

The court acquitted Sonko and his co-accused on the basis that the charge sheet was defective, and not on the merits and substance of the case hence it could not meet the constitutional threshold to warrant putting the accused persons on their defence.

The prosecution called a total of 19 witnesses and produced 113 documentary exhibits in support of its case and closed its case on 27th July 2022.

The former Governor of Nairobi was charged alongside others with the offence of conspiracy to commit an offence of Corruption, Conflict of Interest, Money Laundering and Acquisition of Proceeds of Crime.