Supreme court shuts down Parliament Speaker over controversial division of Revenue Bill advisory

Supreme Court of Kenya | PHOTO COURTESY

BY PRUDENCE WANZA – The supreme court has dismissed a preliminary objection by the National Assembly speaker in which he stated the supreme court had no jurisdiction to give an opinion on the division of revenue bill.

The speaker of the National Assembly had filed a preliminary objection saying the supreme court had no jurisdiction to give an advisory opinion on the controversial division of revenue bill on the basis that county govts had not exhausted the mandatory dispute resolution mechanism provided for in law.

The supreme court ruled that the contentious issues between the national and county governments regarding the disbursement of the find had already been resolved through mediation.

The seven member bench chaired by chief justice David Maraga said there were 26 disputed issues pending in three high court cases involving the two parties and the highest court in the land will only deal with specific issues of general national importance.

The Preliminary objection was dismissed and directions on matters that will be dealt with by the supreme court will be given to the parties by the Deputy Registrar Daniel Ole keiwua on October 16.