Swae lee claims stolen hard drive is on its way back

Swae lee has entered into rap music heist movie when his hard drive was stolen at the Los Angeles airport, he also went out to put a reward for anyone who found the hard drive, and he now claims that it is on its way back – By Stephanie Mwangi.

During an interview he explained that he found the person and is currently trying to get it back 

It’s on its way back, it’s like a movie bro, but I am not really stressing I have dealt with worst shit than this one, swae told his fans.

Like every other person his hard drive contained a lot of projects he intends on doing solo and with his brother Slim. He even went ahead to offer a reward $of 20,000 for anyone who found it. After he made that offer an account with the user name @swaeleeharddrive surfaced, and since he was really desperate to find it he allowed the user to go live with him on Instagram…

The user used a voice modifier to hide his identity, he flashed all the data in the hard drive. And then told Swae Lee for him to give back the hard drive for $150,000, a drake verse, or a verse from him. At first he was reluctant but they later came to an agreement.