Temilade Openiyi, professionally known as Tems, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, has canceled two international shows after being diagnosed with Reflux laryngitis, a vocal cord illness.

According to a report by Mount Sinai, Reflux laryngitis is an irritation in the back of the throat due to acid or other chemicals that come up from your stomach.

This usually happens at night when you’re asleep.

This condition is also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), laryngopharyngeal reflux disease (LPR), acid reflux, and chronic laryngitis.

Hoarseness, a sensation of a lump or excess mucous in your throat, “post-nasal drip,” an excessive need to clear your throat, and a non-productive cough are all common symptoms.

Heartburn is not a necessary symptom to be diagnosed with acid reflux, and about half of all patients that have reflux to the level of the voice box (larynx) do not have heartburn. Some people report waking with an irritating cough, or burning in their throats.

Sharing the heartbreaking news on her official Instagram page, Tems penned a heartfelt note, saying: “It breaks my heart to say this but there’s no other option for me. I’m not feeling too good at the moment.

“After my last performance I was diagnosed with Reflux laryngitis and I have to take some time off to protect what’s left of my voice.”

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