That’s Not Me – Azziad Speaks Over Alleged ‘Leaked’ Video

Award-winning content Creator Azziad Nasenya has cleared the air after reports went viral on Twitter that her intimate video had leaked.

In an update, Nasenya has distanced herself from the said video, asking Kenyans to do better and stop peddling fake news.

The media personality also appealed to Kenyans to stop cyberbullying others and learn to celebrate things that uplift them.

“I’m sure by now most of you have seen it and I’m here to burst your bubble because that is not me. And I am grateful to my online family for coming forward and saying that is not me.

“I feel like it’s 2023 and I am over here minding my business and you are over there in my business? We should not be in the business of creating false information around such topics because if you are spreading such information then you are being an enabler to cyber bullying which is not cool,” she said in part.

The Tik Tok queen goes on to say, 

“You should be rejoicing in things that make you a better individual rather than rejoicing in things that make you feel they are going to lead to the downfall of another person.

We should do better; call yourself into a meeting kidogo. I always say life has simple rules, Pray to God, Work hard, mind your business and always show kindness.”

On Monday, Azziad Nasenya was a trending topic on Twitter after KOT alleged that her video had leaked- something she had denied.

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