There Will Be No Violence In Nairobi — IG Koome Warns Raila, Azimio Protesters

The Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome on Sunday, March 26, assured Kenyans that the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) would be secured ahead of the planned mass action.

Speaking during a press conference, Koome confirmed that those planning to cause chaos in the CBD would be stopped at the estates.

In addition, he prohibited the entry of certain objects he deemed offensive weapons into the city.

“People are allowed to come to the city. However, if you have plans to bring violence and if you are armed with offensive weapons such as machetes, stones, and clubs, you will face the music.

“Regardless of your status, I will throw you into a Land Cruiser. I will not arrest anyone in Prados and you will be taken into police custody,” Koome explained.

The IG defended the National Police Service against accusations that they had chosen to side with the government in the aftermath of the mass protests.

” I do not even know what the server is. Why do they want to bring down the country because of a phenomenon that the common citizen does not even comprehend?

“Those are political issues that need political solutions. But when it comes to matters of security, I have a mandate as the IG to ensure the protection of property and life and I will not sleep on that job,” Koome affirmed.