Third way alliance party has moved to court to sort legal action against Kirinyaga county assembly for what it termed as an unlawful rejection of the embattled Punguza Mzigo bill.

According to sources based in Kirinyaga county assembly, the Bill was tabled by Majority Leader Kamau Murango who immediately moved a procedural motion to exempt it from lenthy debate procedures.

Now Dr. Ekuru Aukot, Third WayAlliance party leader is seeking orders to reintroduce the bill to Kirinyaga county assembly, and allow it to go through the neccessary procedures as stipulated in the constitution.

The bill which had been heavily criticized by Kirinyaga Governor, Ann Mumbi, was thwarted even before the debate started. Being that no one accepted the offer to second the bill, the speaker moved to reject the bill.

Kirinyaga county joined a growing list of counties that have rejected the proposed amendments to the constitution.