Three Dead, Several Injured After Four Lorries Collide in Narok

Three people were killed and several others were injured when four lorries collided near Ntulele on the Narok-Mai Mahiu road on Tuesday, July 25.

According to police, the accident occurred when a trailer attempted to overtake a truck en route from Mai Mahiu to Narok. Unfortunately, the trailer collided with another truck travelling in the opposite direction.

The impact of the collision was so severe that the third truck’s driver lost consciousness and collided with an oncoming truck. The oncoming truck’s wheels, fuel tank, and canvas were severely damaged as a result of this collision.

Meanwhile, the driver of the fourth truck swerved in an attempt to avoid the chain reaction of the accident, but ended up overturning on the side of the road. Tragically, three people were killed, and four other occupants were severely injured.

Traffic officers quickly cordoned off the area, and an ambulance crew from Emergency-plus Medical Services (EMS) arrived to provide immediate assistance.

The injured people were given immediate medical attention and transported to Narok County Referral Hospital for further treatment and care. The wreckage was towed to the yard of the Ntulele Police Station.

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