Aq9ine, a Kenyan TikTok content creator known for cooking and eating weird foods, revealed that he suffered serious health problems after cooking and eating a bat.

Aq9ine alias the King of Muguka is known for cooking ugali using various soda rands and then adding Muguka leaves for taste.

Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, the TikToker narrated how after eating the bat he started developing a running nose for six continuous hours and all the medication he tried did not help him.

“Four days after eating the Bat, I contracted a cough, a running nose for like six hours …” the TikToker stated.

“In those six hours, I had taken at least four different kinds of medication and none appeared to be working,” he added.

The running nose was quickly followed by a persistent cough and chest pains.

The content creator recalled that he was suspected of having contracted Covid-19 after eating the bat, but instead of going to the hospital, he decided to self-medicate with marijuana.

“When I coughed blood, I got really worried, but then I said, It is what it is, I did not go to the hospital, I hate hospitals,” he added.

The TikToker explained that the condition worsened as he soon started coughing blood, developed a sore throat and he progressively lost his voice, insisting he still didn’t seek medical attention.

“My medicine is marijuana and that is what I used. After two days my voice broke and had a sore throat but after smoking weed for two days, at least things change,” said the comedian.

Aq9ine is an engineer by profession and currently doing plumbing jobs in Meru county.

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Aq9ine has gained some 209K followers, and 2.9 million views on TikTok and it appears there is no end in sight for the self-styled ‘King of Muguka’ as he reveals that he intends to cook an endless list of animals including snakes, flies and snails in the coming days.