TikToker Nyako Raises Ksh 420K For Former Citizen TV Host Kimani Mbugua

Kenyan content creator Nyako pilot has managed to raise Ksh 420,000 for former Citizen TV Host, Kimani Mbugua on her Tik Tok account.

Nyako went live on TikTok with Kimani Mbugua and he was able to tell his story about his struggles with Marijuana and cigarettes.

Kimani recounted the days when life was treating him well and how he managed to land his first job at a young age until he started abusing drugs and life took a different turn.

He advised the youth to stay away from drugs as addiction is dangerous and can mess one’s life.

Nyako mobilised her followers to raise money for Kimani Mbugua inorder to help him land on his feet again. During the live session, fans managed to raise Ksh 420,000.

Days ago, Kimani Mbugua shared a video on social media and appealed for help saying he was tired of suffering in silence.

The former journalist shared that he has been jobless for two years and he is currently homeless as the people who were hosting him got tired. He shared that he left the hospital last week after suffering a psychotic episode.

” I am homeless, I just have my bag with me, the people I was living with said they couldn’t host me anymore and asked me to look for an alternative.”

Kimani Mbugua said he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2020. He added that he has a debt of Ksh 1.7 Million since he couldn’t pay a loan for his car.

While appealing for help from well wishers, Kimani said has a business plan and a client proposal and he needs a partner he can work with in the company he is putting up together for creatives. According to him, a laptop, Wi-fi and a place to live would help him kickstart his career.

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He said he is two months clean from drugs and he is on a journey to put his life back together.

Kenyans on social media have lauded Nyako for coming through for Kimani.