TOP STORY: Detectives to probe Naikuni Accounts in Kidero style Investigation

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DCI banking fraud sleuths will probe bank accounts of former Kenya Airways Managing Director Titus Naikuni, in a similar manner as they did to former Nairobi.

Already, a team composed of DCI intelligence officers have collected vital information and PIN details of firms associated with Naikuni business associates from his days at Magadi Soda. These include lawyers, engineers, and architects said to have worked closely with the former KQ boss.

The enquiries, however, do not constitute any wrongdoing on the part of the towering former KQ boss. Nor is it yet an indication on graft.
Naikuni has already welcomed the graft investigations and invited detectives to his Iibisil Ranch for any clarifications.

Naikuni, friends say is concerned about the DCI officers circling around his neck in retirement, but is keen to clear his name.

Naikuni, a corporate titan during the President Moi era, was initially headhunted for the powerful Head of Civil Service job by President Mwai Kibaki handlers. But the deal fell through.

It is alleged that during the Naikuni reign at Kenya Airways, the airline lost close to Sh. Sh.100billion due to graft.
The Government has variously bailed out Kenya Airways with the latest being an order that all public servants fly Kenya Airways. Treasury has also guaranteed Kenya Airways loans.

Sources close to the DCI said detectives have already profiled the suspect Bank accounts in one of the most complicated and delicate investigations to ever face the airline.

Of interest is service contracts for aircraft maintenance and leasing, with a view to establishing a conflict of interest.
A high-end salon based along Langata Road will also be probed as detectives explore money laundering outlets.

The detectives have been buoyed by the availability of information from the Financial Reporting Centre(FRC) which collates data on the financial activities of firms and individuals suspected of engaging in the graft.

FRC board consists of representatives from the Central Bank of Kenya, NIS, Antiterrorism personnel and the National Police Service.
On the radar of the sleuths is former Managing Director and CEO Titus Naikuni, various finance directors including Mbuvi Ngunze, Tender Committee members and some board members.

The sleuths will also seek to interrogate the implementation of the KQ KLM deal to establish possible abuse of office.

DCI will also audit the KQ supplies payable accounts in the last five years, reconciliation records and cash management systems.
It comes at a time when the airline is faced with the permanent takeover by the Government after the flop of the KLM deal.

Records show that the Treasury paid all the Kenya Airways debts before the KLM partnership.
It is estimated that a cool Sh.500million was paid in 1996, before the privatization of Kenya Airways.

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