Transit Companies Urged To Comply With Axle Load Limits

Written By John Mutiso 📝

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has vowed to punish commercial vehicle drivers who exceed axle load limits. 

Speaking to Uzalendo News, Engineer Michael Ngala, KeNHA’s Assistant Director, Axle Load Control, appealed to the members of public to assist them by helping to apprehend those drivers who are damaging their roads.

“If a vehicle is found to be overweight then the same vehicle is allowed to offload in the compliance process before they can actually continue with the journey… and we also take those vehicles in court where they are charged and actually fined then they can now offload then proceed with the journey,” he said.

According to Ngala, some trucks are already being held at various yards after the transporters colluded to avoid going through the weighbridge stations.

He also stated that some drivers run away when they are asked to stop or are being pursued.

Ngala also asked police officers to assist them in enforcing the weighbridges.

“Police can intercept a vehicle which you can visibly see is carrying too much overload then they call us to come and do the weight check where we come with our mobile scale and we weigh that vehicle and if the vehicle is not overloaded, it will be allowed to go free, and if is overloaded then it will be taken to court where they pay fines and comply,” he added.

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