Two Killed In Airbnb Party Shootout

A barrage of 50 gunshots erupted early Sunday inside a Pittsburgh Airbnb rental house, where police said around 200 people were having a party, killing two juveniles and injuring at least eight others.

Some people jumped out of windows to get away from the gunfire. 

Gunfire erupted during parties held at Airbnb rentals for the third time in nine days, including one near Sacramento, California, that killed a teenager and another that shook a suburban Houston residential neighborhood.

The shooting in Pittsburgh began around 12:30 a.m., when police received multiple ShotSpotter gunfire-detection alerts in the East Allegheny neighborhood on the city’s North Side, according to a statement from the Pittsburgh Police Department. 

The screams and panic of partygoers rushing to get out of the house were captured on cell phone video obtained by ABC News, with some tripping and falling down a staircase. 

“He’s got a gun!” and “We have to get out!” are shouted in the video. “They’re shooting!” someone yelled as gunshots could be heard, followed by screams.

A total of 10 people were shot, including the two slain juveniles, police said. Several other victims suffered broken bones and cuts fleeing the chaotic scene, according to authorities.

A preliminary investigation found that the shooting occurred during a large party being held at the short-term rental property, “with as many as 200 people in attendance, many of them underage,” according to the police statement.

“As many as 50 rounds were fired inside, prompting some party-goers to jump out the windows, sustaining injuries such as broken bones and lacerations,” according to the police statement. “Several more shots were fired outside the home.”

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No arrests have been made, and detectives are combing over evidence found at eight different crime scenes in a radius of several blocks around the Airbnb house. Detectives are also reviewing security video in an effort to identify suspects.

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