Uhuru applauds NMS General Badi — FULL SPEECH


President Uhuru today confirmed that all tasks given to Nairobi Metropolitan Services had been complete, applauding Generald Badi for a ‘job well done’ – By Gerald Gekara.


1.           On 18th of March this year we gathered for an important event in the annals of our Republic as a constitutional democracy. On that day, I commissioned the Nairobi Metropolitan Services.

2.            This action founded upon the principles of devolved governance and inspired by the vision and aspirations of our Constitution, was a significant step in the journey of adding value and depth to the framework of devolution as established in the Constitution.

3.           The Nairobi Metropolitan Services or NMS was charged to implement the functions that were transferred to the National Government, their primary responsibility being to ensure that they delivered the much needed services to the citizens of Nairobi.

4.           I issued several Directives to NMS to achieve within the 100 Days, which period ended on Saturday, 28th, June this year.  The Directives were aimed at enhancing Service provision in the areas of Waste Collection and Disposal, Water and Sanitation, Housing and Urban Development, Transport and Public Works.

5.           I am gratified that the directives for the first 100 days have been implemented in earnest. 

6.           Progress has been made in the areas of implementing the Nairobi Urban Mobility Plan, Effecting the Non-Motorized Transport Strategy, Reviewing the development approvals process, Improving solid waste management, Streamlining urban renewal projects and Reviewing and improving the governance and transparency models deployed in service delivery.

7.           The evidence of this progress can already be seen.  Our neighbourhoods are beginning to look cleaner, hundreds of young people, especially those in poor and vulnerable communities in the city are earning a living; thousands of households are receiving water closer to home; affordable housing projects are now ready to break ground; road infrastructure is beginning to see the much needed maintenance works; and pedestrian and cyclist’s corridors in our business districts are beginning to take shape.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

8.           This is encouraging but much work remains.  What NMS has demonstrated during this period, is That the task is achievable – That the aspirations of the people of Nairobi can and will become a reality.

9.           I challenge NMS to demonstrate that Nairobi can be the model of our Post Covid-19 National Recovery Strategy.

10.      The National Hygiene Programme dubbed “the Kazi Mtaani Initiative”, aimed at empowering and creating jobs for youth residing within informal settlements, will play a central part in that regard.

11.      The hundreds of young people from the informal settlements of Mathare, Mukuru Kayaba, Mukuru Kwa Rueben, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Kibra and Korogocho deployed across various projects in the last three months has shown us that this model is sustainable and will result in life changing enterprise for our young people.

12.      Going forward, we must reach all the informal settlements across the city with this programme. I am particularly gratified by the street families that have been working on the Grogan Road area.

13.       Today, those young people can afford to live away from the streets and give their children hope of a better tomorrow.

14.      NMS must work to ensure that every resident of this city lives in dignity and has access to affordable decent housing. The programme in Mukuru Informal Settlement Renewal Programme, will be a test case on how this can be achieved across the city. Nairobi’s residents should enjoy their right to affordable, accessible and quality health services.

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15.      Encouraged by the success over the last 100 days in distributing over 13 Million litres of water per day to thousands of households in the informal settlements, NMS must make every effort to have a city where water is safe, accessible, affordable and regular for all Nairobi’s residents.  An investment programme to radically increase our city wide sewer network should also be a priority.

16.      Looking forward, NMS must pay attention to the systemic challenges that face our city in the medium and long term.  Nairobi cannot truly take her place among the great cities of the world without staying true to consistently implementing our national and county development plans.

17.      At the National level we have Vision 2030 and the Medium Term Plans.  In Nairobi, the Integrated Urban Development Master Plan – NIUPLAN, which was approved as a Sessional Paper by the Nairobi City County Assembly in 2015, must be the guiding beacon.

18.      I encourage you to refine your annual work plans, budgets and programmes to target cumulative achievement of the development plans.

19.      In particular, guided by the NIUPLAN, focus must now be placed on delivering tangible benefits on the following critical areas:

a)        The Urban Development Programme that will accelerate an integrated development model for an inclusive and modern city;

b)         The Urban Transport Development Programme that will deliver a world class efficient transport system complete with the full range of transport options;

c)          The Infrastructure Development Programme that will support and sustain our development trajectory;

d)         The Environment Improvement Programme that will make our city a beautiful, healthy, choice place to live, work and play; and

e)         The Urban management strengthening programme founded on our democratic ideals and national values that will underpin our administration and service delivery models.

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20.      With respect to doing business in Nairobi, the business re-engineering and citizen supporting services and processes must aim at rebuilding the Nairobi dream – a County where every business person, small or big, will have an equal opportunity to find work or do business.

21.      The enforcement of laws must become enabling, fair and transparent.  By doing so, we will ensure that Nairobi’s prosperity will leave no one behind and we will make our beloved city a tourist haven, with opportunities for everyone thus making Nairobi a globally competitive city and regional hub.

22.      I challenge NMS to remain true to the founding values of this great nation and continue to deliver services as an accountable, compassionate and caring institution.

23.      I wish to commend Major General Mohammed Abdalla Badi, the management and the entire NMS team for what they have achieved so far and for demonstrating that, indeed, public service can be delivered with commitment, dedication and round the clock.

24.      I also wish to thank the leadership of the Nairobi City County Government, the Nairobi City County Assembly, the National Assembly and the Senate for the support they have afforded this novel initiative.

25.      A whole of government approach is what will sustainably change our country for the better.

26.      As I conclude, I remind you all that Kenya is known worldwide as the cradle of mankind and Nairobi is at the heart of that Identity.  We must, therefore, make it our every effort to make this city home to all peoples of the world.

27.      I am confident in this – it is Nairobi’s destiny to be the go to City in Africa and a leading City in the world.

Thank you.

Asanteni Sana.  God Bless you all.


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