Uhuru tags youth to energize Katiba moment, crash election tension

President Uhuru Kenyatta has renewed his pitch for constitutional change to heal the country of divisive politics in Kenya.
Kenyatta’s sake Kenya faces a defining constitutional moment to heal itself from poll violence, equitable distribution of resources, and tribalism. – By Gerald Gekara.

He urged the youth to cease the constitutional moment, define the price and pay so that they become part of the posterity of Kenya.
While addressing Kenyans at Gusii Stadium in Kisii County, Uhuru said that Kenya is ready for a constitutional moment to address tribalism, end poll violence, and foster economic stability.

He weighed in on issues of divisive politics, urging politicians to shun politics of disunity and division.

“The question of ‘us verses them’ must end in Kenya. Our principles instead should be unity and diversity. We can differ in policies & programs but we do not have to differ to the point of insult & shedding blood of our brothers & sisters because of what we want. We are here to serve, work together & respect one another “

In a bid to end election polarization, the President sided with his Deputy William Ruto on the calls for an inclusive dialogue that will heal Kenya once and for all.

“As the Deputy President William Ruto has said, I agree we need to have a bold conversation on constitutional change that brings on board everyone. As we exercise our democratic rights, it must never again be at the expense of our diversity. The cardinal principle must always be our unity in diversity. “

Uhuru trashed claims that the BBI clamour for Constitutional consensus about individual jobs, instead promoting an inclusive leadership that works with all communities.

“I am urging for a constitutional consensus that accommodates all communities in our Country, not one of creating positions for individuals”

The president also fronted the BBI as a solution to the periodic waste of the economy, given that two years are wasted every 5 years as a result of poll polarisation.

“The other part speaks to the violence cycle before elections, one year before elections economy shuts down. We must deal with the constitutional problem that stares at us once and for all.”

Uhuru finally beackoned the youth to involve themselves in politics of change, urging them not to fear ‘the price’.

“A good starting point for our young people is to look for a problem and solve it. If you solve a problem, heroism and success will naturally follow you.” he concluded.