Weatherman Says Heavy Rains To Persist Till January

    Kenyans will have to brace themselves for more heavy rainfall after the Kenya Meteorological Department announced that the phenomenon will continue till January.

    The weatherman in its latest forecast announced that the El Niño phenomenon is still in place due to warmer than average sea surface temperatures over the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

    MET department also stated that most parts of the country are likely to experience above-average rainfall during the month of November, with increased chances in parts of the North Eastern and Central Highlands.

    Adding that isolated storms are likely in several parts of the country.

    Already some parts of the country are feeling the impact of the heavy rainfall. In North Eastern, leaders called on President William Ruto to declare the flooding a national disaster.

    So far hundreds have been displaced and others killed due to the ravaging effects of the heavy rainfall.

    “Flood waters may appear in places where it has not rained heavily especially downstream. Residents are advised to avoid driving through, or walking in moving water or open fields and not to shelter under trees and near grilled windows when raining to minimize exposure to lightning strikes,” Kenya MET had earlier warned.

    In Mombasa, heavy rains caused flash floods, which swept away homes and businesses. Videos showed cars submerged in flooded roads, while in the northeast, a major road linking Wajir and Mandera counties was completely cut off leaving motorists stranded.

    Last week, a helicopter pilot saved a lorry driver who had been overpowered by the flooding water in Samburu County.

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