Why Duty-Free Fuel Is Brilliant

Sugar we can be self-sufficient. Since the death of Mumias Sugar, The Rai’s private company controls almost 46% of the market in Kenya.

All other private companies in the sugar sector are thriving. So we can be self-sufficient with the right policies. By the way, sugar is just a small part but added up to toothpicks, furniture, clothes, alcohol, chicken, eggs, maize, wheat, rice, and fish they all add up.

The only thing we can substitute in the short run is petrol but even in future we can go electric and wean ourselves off it. Right leadership, right policies.

But how do I make a quick buck if we don’t allow duty-free sugar, maize, rice, etc? Ask yourselves why were those the first things allowed duty-free.

I wish for selfish reasons they can allow duty-free fuel in Kenya as it is one of the items we don’t have the capacity to produce.

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