Witness Describes How Detective Jane Mugo Threatened Her 

Jane Mugo at the Milimani Court | | PHOTO BY CYRUS KIMANGA/ UZALENDO NEWS

The criminal case against self-proclaimed ‘Private Detective’ Jane Mugo proceeded today in court with Deepa Shah taking the witness stand to explain the inhumane treatment she went through.

Deepa told court that Mugo forcefully entered her house and demanded to hold a meeting with all her family members. 

When she enquired about Mugo’s credentials, she said that Mugo waved a blue book across her eyes at a top speed such that she couldn’t what was written in the book.

She further said that Mugo with a similar speed displayed what appeared to her like an American Detective card.

Mugo then introduced herself as the most highly trained and respected detective in Kenya.

“She told me I am the most highly trained and respected detective in Kenya, not even the president of the republic of Kenya in his capacity who can touch me, and your f**king father owes my client Ksh37 million and you fucking children of him are enjoying that money, my client has sent me to retrieve that money” 

“She then showed me what appeared like a pistol and threatened to shoot me if i don’t cooperate. She also warned me not to report to any police station because all the police officers in Kenya were in her pocket.” said Deepa under oath.

Deepa narrated before Magistrate Susan Shitumbi of Milimani Law Courts how she went through hell on the material day, she told court that Mugo pulled her by her hands and threw her on the ground. She then demanded to be served with a glass of water and later forced her (Deepa) to shake hands with her saying that she would share the photos to prove the ‘meeting’ was friendly.

Asked why she did not refuse the handshake, she said she was so traumatized and threatened to object any command from Mugo. 

The self-proclaimed Spy Queen was arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts on accusations of threatening to kill Nairobi businessman Deepa Shah in February 2019, as well as unlawfully making use of a firearm.

However, Mugo has a long history of causing fracas in court. During the hearing of the murder case last year, she reportedly took out her phones and started taking pictures of the magistrate, prosecutor and journalists.

In this matter, the detective allegedly threatened to kill Deepa Shah and unlawful use of firearm.

The case proceeds in Court.