Woman ‘Attacks’ Husband Over Ksh200 Debt

A woman was charged with committing grievous bodily injury after pouring hot water on another woman over a Kshs200 debt.

Cecilia Kingi Muuo was charged and pleaded not guilty before Mombasa Principal Magistrate Vincent Adet.

The victim, Faith Chelangat, who is recovering from 60% burns at the Coast General Hospital, went to the house of Muuo, where she lived with her husband, to inquire about his whereabouts since he owed her money, which she meant to spend to purchase supper.

The suspect is alleged to have informed her that her spouse was not present at the time. She did, however, invite her into their home and asked her to wait for him.

She went on to prepare supper and started heating water, but she quickly became aggressive and approached the victim before pouring hot water on her and warning her to keep away from her husband.

Neighbors responded to the victim’s distress cries and took her to Coast General Hospital.