Woman gets revenge on cheating boyfriend, gives away his autographed Messi jersey

A woman from Buenos Aires, Argentina, sought revenge on her cheating boyfriend by giving away his Copa América tickets and a prized possession—a football jersey autographed by Lionel Messi.

Candela Fassino shared her relationship drama on Instagram, where hundreds of people competed for a chance to win the tickets and Messi’s jersey.

According to What’s The Jam, Fassino, who is based in Buenos Aires, posted a video on Instagram revealing that she had caught her boyfriend cheating with her best friend.

In the video, she displayed the Copa América tickets for the upcoming games that her boyfriend had left behind, announcing her intention to raffle them off.

Fassino, known as a model and influencer, instructed those interested in the tickets to follow her account. She added a pointed message: “Oh and I forgot, for all you idiots who think you’re special, never trust a scorned woman.”

Later in the video, Fassino announced the winner of the Copa América ticket raffle and then surprised her audience with another offer—a chance to win a football jersey signed by Lionel Messi.

Holding up the jersey, she asked, “Who wants this shirt?”

Since posting the video, Fassino has received over 1,000 comments and has seen an increase in her follower count.

She explained on social media that she discovered her boyfriend’s infidelity during a gathering with friends on June 21. Upon noticing suspicious behavior with her best friend, she investigated his phone and found deleted messages and suspicious conversations.