Women Are Better Drivers Than Men – New Research

    Women are officially better drivers than men.

    New research has concluded that the fairer sex are better at taking back control of modern driverless cars in emergency situations.

    The tests showed that females react a lot faster than their male counterparts and display superior control behind the wheel.

    The findings concluded that men could need extra software to make sure they drive safely when they drive the cars of the future as their reaction times lag behind the females.

    Women’s average reaction times were 2.45 seconds compared with 2.63 seconds for men in the tests – in which participants mimicked taking control of a driverless vehicle to avoid a stationary car.

    Dr. Shuo Li, an expert in intelligent transport systems at Newcastle University, said: “Women often do not realise how good they are at driving.

    “But our results found they actually perform slightly better.”