Women Bear The Burden Of Climate Change

Written By Monica Makali ||

The impact of climate change has had a female face as a majority of women and girls have been displaced whenever there’s a climate crisis or emergency.

Women who attended the Annual Women’s Rights Convention in Nairobi have revealed that the effects of drought have greatly affected women with many struggling to travel miles and miles in search of water and food for their families.

This has led to a rise in GBV cases with environmentalists advocating for women’s voices to centre at the decision-making table during climate change discussions.

Elizabeth Wathuti Founder of Green Generation Initiative and lead campaigner at Wangari Mathai Foundation says women have not been fully involved in Climate Change forums including the recent COP27 in Egypt where out of the 110 World leaders who attended only 7 were women constituting 6%.

Dagoretti North Mp Beatrice Elachi and South B ward MCA Waithira Chege have rooted for policies that will include women in proposing and adopting solutions that will address the effects of climate change.

Drought, floods, high temperatures due to emission of greenhouse gases and global warming, rise in sea levels, wildlife and diseases such as Malaria and cancer have been highlighted as some of the effects of climate change with conservation activities recommending more awareness on climate change effects and mitigation efforts.

They have also suggested for promotion of clean energy, the growing of trees and the cleaning of all polluted rivers to reduce the increase in diseases like cancer.

Patience Nyage the Executive Director of the Association of Media Women AMWIK has challenged the media to educate the masses on the effects of climate change and mitigation measures by highlighting as many stories as possible.

The one-day conference also saw the attendance of water CS Alice Wahome who reiterated the government’s plan to plant five billion trees in a span of one year