World Cup Cabins In Qatar Will Be Donated To Homeless People In Kenya

The cabins used in fan villages in Qatar will be donated for use by the homeless in Kenya, China’s assistant foreign minister Hua Chunying has said.

Chunying revealed in a tweet that the cabins were created by Chinese companies to serve as additional lodging for the large number of football fans attending the one-month tournament.

“The 6,000-cabin fan village at the FIFA World Cup. The cabins were made by Chinese companies, and will be donated to the homeless in Kenya after the games,” she tweeted.

Fan villages for this year’s World Cup are in the form of prefabricated cabins measuring 16 square metres. These cabins can accommodate up to two people with two single beds or one double bed per cabin.

The cabins provide standard amenities like a mini-fridge, housekeeping services, a tea and coffee maker, two bottles of water per day, and Wi-Fi connectivity. They also have bathroom facilities. There are also several dining options and other food establishments inside the camp.

Prices start from USD 207 (Ksh 25336) per person every night.

Other Qatar donation plans

Every stadium in Qatar has its own long-term goals, and one will completely disappear. The stadium, which goes by the name “Stadium 974,” was built entirely out of repurposed shipping containers.

The stadium, which was built on a man-made bluff next to the Doha port, will be torn down after the World Cup and turned into a waterfront business park.

Both the roof and the seats will be donated to sports initiatives outside of Qatar.

In coordination with FIFA, Qatar will also donate 170,000 seats to nations in need of sporting infrastructure after the 2022 FIFA World Cup, according to a factsheet from the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC).