Wrangles Between Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza And Her Deputy Mutuma Escalates

Meru County has seen new leadership squabbles, the most recent involving Governor Kawira Mwangaza and her deputy Isaac Mutuma, as well as other leaders appointed by the governor.

Mwangaza and Mutuma have been seen at a crossroads for a week now, after one of the deputy governor’s official cars was revoked and his assistant was later fired.

This is alleged to have occurred after Mutuma failed to respond to Mwangaza’s opponents during a funeral ceremony last week.

Although no one has publicly addressed the disagreement, the county secretary, the governor’s assistant, and the county executive committee have already criticised the deputy governor for failing to perform his duties, including failing to attend cabinet meetings.

Ward representatives, led by the deputy speaker and minority leader, say Governor Mwangaza’s leadership has disappointed them, just five months after an impeachment attempt.

They have asked Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua to go to the county and resolve the conflict, which they believe is worse than the previous one, and have also hinted at another plan to impeach Governor Mwangaza.

“We are living in fear under Kawira Mwangaza’s leadership, she has been abusing everyone and we will be in peace when she leaves office,” Mwenda Ithili, leader of the minority in the county assembly, said.

While the county government supports a petition to dismiss the county public service board because it is not well-constituted, the ward representatives are opposed.

They argue that if the board has been breaking the law for more than six years, those who worked during that time should also be fired.

“The county secretary is supporting that petition and she should know that if the board was not well-constituted, all those it vetted, including herself, will step out,” Sarah Gakii, one of the ward representatives said.