You are the father!: Blogger Itumbi ordered to pay 20,000 monthly upkeep

Blogger and digital communications strategist Dennis Itumbi has been forced to pay monthly upkeep for his daughter until the child support case against him is heard.

Itumbi has been ordered by the children’s court to pay KSh 20,000 to cater for the baby girl’s maintenance, the amount could be increased once the case is finalized.

This comes after he requested a DNA test be done to determine the father, pointed to back him.

However, the two parties were still at liberty to strike an out of court settlement deal between now and December 18 when further direction will be given.

The girl’s mother demanded KSh 50,000 monthly allowance, medical insurance cover and, school fees once the minor joins a school.

In response to the ordeal, Itumbi posted on his social media handle that he will take care of his child.

“The child is mine. May the child suckle with both cheeks. The best care, a father must offer a child is assured,” he posted shortly after the Friday, November 29 order.