YSL Polo Found Guilty of Murdering Xavier Arlandor Turner on Camera in 2020

Cordarius Dorsey, also known as YSL Polo and a member of Young Thug’s YSL group, has been found guilty of murder.

Dorsey, who was already serving a life sentence for another murder and robbery, has now been sentenced to life without parole in a separate case.

The conviction stems from the 2020 shooting of Xavier Turner, with the incident being caught on camera.

The legal proceedings surrounding this case have been closely followed by fans in recent weeks — particularly after the concerning video that surfaced last week.

Polo was seen rocking back and forth in his seat, and it sparked Young Thug’s lawyer to file a motion to remove Dorsey from the ongoing RICO trial due to his behavior in the courtroom.

“Based upon information and belief, during a separate trial, Mr. Dorsey, using movements with his hands, threatened the prosecutors as well as the jurors,” the court docs read.

“Mr. Williams has filed a Demand for Speedy Trial and will not upset that Demand for Speedy Trial. However, Mr. Williams asks this Honorable Court to exercise its discretion and sever Mr. Dorsey so that Mr. Williams’ Constitutional right to a fair trial is not prejudiced.” Thugger, who has been behind bars since last year, is also awaiting trial as one of the eight defendants in the YSL RICO case.

Cordarius Dorsey’s involvement in violent crimes is not new. He was already serving a life sentence without parole for his role in a 2020 murder when he became the prime suspect in Turner’s shooting.

It is alleged that Dorsey is part of a violent gang under Young Thug’s leadership, further adding to the complexity of the situation. These revelations shed light on the dark underbelly of the music industry, where fame and success can sometimes be intertwined with criminal activities.

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While this verdict brings closure for the victim’s family and friends, it also serves as a stark reminder of the need for artists and their associates to distance themselves from such criminal behavior.

The music industry has a powerful influence on young minds, and it is essential for artists to lead by example and promote positive messages to their fans. The consequences of engaging in violent acts can be devastating not only for the individuals involved but for the entire community.

As Young Thug continues to navigate through the legal system, his fans and supporters eagerly await the outcome of his own trial. The artist recently experienced a medical emergency during the court proceedings, adding another layer of drama to an already tense situation.

While he is undoubtedly facing challenging times, it is crucial for him to use this opportunity to reflect on his choices and make a positive change moving forward.