12 Al Shabaab Militants Killed In Garissa Raid

    A multi-agency security team successfully conducted a raid on an Al-Shabaab camp located in Sedahgose, Garissa County.

    The operation resulted in the neutralization of 12 out of 30 militants and the capture of one individual.

    The other militants fled to Somalia with injuries.

    The agency,  led by Counter Terrorism Policing, also seized one IED, one PKM machine gun, and one AK47.

    It is alleged that there is a strategic ploy by the Al-Shaabab to disrupt or delay the LAPSSET project, which would open the NEP Kenya for supersonic development.

    The Al Shabaab killed six people on Sunday in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

    A suicide bomber set off a huge blast that tore through a building near the office complex with gunfire erupting afterwards, Somali police spokesman Sadik Dudishe said at the end of the four-hour siege.