Hands on new KeNHA boss could fix perennial flooding

PHOTO: Courtesy Eng. Wangai Ndirangu the newly appointed KeNHA Chairman.

The new Kenya National Highways Authority boss Eng. Wangai Ndirangu may be the missing link in solving perennial drainage challenges in the roads sector.

The youthful water management guru was appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta two weeks ago.

The new KeNHA chair may not be known in public circles, but his CV loudly elucidates his engineering prowess.

Within a span of 20 years, the new chair has scaled major milestones in the engineering fraternity.

Ndirangu has demonstrated his experience in strategic and operations leadership in the  uniquely challenging situations and was a key player in the design and implementation of the Muranga water tunnel.

Peers describe;

Ndirangu as a highly qualified Executive Manager and registered consulting civil engineer, having logged in two decades in water resources, engineering and oversight management and institutional capacity development experience.

The top engineer has a masters degree in water engineering and is currently undertaking a PhD in water engineering.

He has provided training and expert advice to state agencies in Eastern and Southern African, Central Asia, Guyana, Trinidad, Mexico and Central Asia on varied issues of water sector reforms, integrated water resources and water related risk management. To top it all he has extended his experience in all the Eastern Africa countries.

Ndirangu is an expert in operations management, strategic planning, policy& procedure development, infrastructure development, budget planning and much more.

He is a member of Institution of Engineers of Kenya, Water Capacity Building Network and a registred consulting engineer by Ebgineers Boarsd of Kenya.

Ndirangu has served in several boards; he has served at the Joint Technical Committee of National Government and Public universities on Food and nutrition Security in 2018 and Technical Advisory Committee-UNDP Ocean and Water governance in 2019 and a member of of UNDP-CapNet Board.

Ndirangu has successfully convened the Kenya water Dialogue since October 2014- to date.

Before his appointment he was serving as the country manager WaterCap/UNDP-CapNet as well as water resources management and engineering lecturer at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology.

He is also the Principal engineer at BE associates a consultancy service in project planning, management, civil engineering and energy including; engineering feasibility and detailed design, construction supervision, project monitoring and evaluation, baseline data and situation analysis, technical, economic and sustainability audits