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5 Reasons Why an Avocado Should be your Best Friend

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BY FAITH MUTETE – Most people eat avocados because of their sweet nature and the extra flavor it adds to our food but here are some top 5 benefits of avocados

 Fresh Breath

  I know when most people eat avocados a fresh breathe is the last thing that will come into your mind but yes avocados have the ability to leave your breathe fresh all the time, this is because of the antibacterial in it which kill bacteria and food debris found in your mouth and intestines leaving your breathe fresh.

Protection Against Cancer

The carotenoids and lutein found in avocados have the ability to stop the growth of prostate and breast cancer. The oleic content can also lower your cancer risk making the cancerous cells to automatically die.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Avocados contain potassium which ease tension in your blood vessels walls hence lowering blood pressure.

The potassium also lessen the effects of sodium in your body where most of it is lost during urinating hence lowering blood pressure

Skin And Hair Care

They contain nutrients that help maintain healthy skin that is dry hence being added in most facial and hair products .It is a really good moisturizer and very beneficial as an acne treatment and inflammation, reducing wrinkles and reduction of oil from the face  

Morning Sickness

During pregnancy, morning sickness is very common. Avocados can help overcome nausea and queasiness during pregnancy since it contains vitamin B6 which is commonly connected to reducing nausea and vomiting. 

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