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95 Years Strong: Moi’s 5 Secrets to Long life REVEALED

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This week, the second president of Kenya has been celebrating his 95year on earth, a timeframe that typically everyone envies, now that everything surrounding us wants to kill us. Praise the Lord if you even make it to 35 years.

A glimpse at Daniel Arap Moi’s lifestyle is enough to be labelled as a lifeless way of living. From drinking raw blood to avoiding the bottle. We will look at 5 secrets key to Mzee Moi’s survival.

1. Diet

Moi is known to be a strict traditionalist who has since time immemorial stuck to eating plants, roots, and fruits. According to sources from within Kabarak, President Moi is a strict vegetarian, a virtue that has proven to make a man last longer. Moi on rare occasions does he take modern dishes even today.

2. No Alcohol – Whatsoever

Contrary to a typical Kenyan who would start drinking from as early as 11 years old, President Moi swore abstinence from the bottle since his youthful days. Alcohol is known to cause several serious diseases and accidents that lead to suffering and eventually death.

3. Keep Your Morals in- Check

A number of illnesses and deaths that shorten the life expectancy, point back to how we choose to live our lives. Irresponsible behavior might kill you faster than cancer.

4. Be Happy

Despite being depicted as a brutal dictator who called for executions of his adversaries, President Moi was a very jovial character. He never hides his laughter and happiness. Evident from his state visits to schools, and frequent choir performances, Moi loved music very much and this is why during his tenure, Kenya was at the apex of the word in terms of quality music.

5. Relationship with your Spouse

President Moi is known to have a good relationship with his wife. It is no secret that the key to living longer is to maintain a happy life with the one you chose to marry. After his wife died, it is rumored that Moi could not sleep at night. Moi then sought to remarry, taking in Lorna.

The Uzalendo News team would like to wish the Former President Daniel Arap Moi a wonderful 95th Birthday Celebration, God will also give us 95 years we Pray 🙂

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