Court Stops Vetting Of Ruto PSs

The Employment and Labor Relations Court has halted the ongoing vetting of Principal Secretaries pending the hearing and determination of a petition challenging the ongoing vetting.

“A conservatory order is hereby issued restraining and prohibiting the National Assembly from receiving or, if already received, from processing, vetting, or otherwise proceeding or processing the nomination for appointment of the 51 nominees as PSs,” the order states.

The Law Society of Kenya has challenged the list of nominees, claiming that it lacks gender, tribal, and regional balance.

According to the Law Society of Kenya, 13 of the 51 names on the contested list are Kalenjin from the Rift Valley and 13 from Central Kenya, to the detriment of Kenya’s other 40 tribes and communities.

LSK, represented by lawyers Stephen Muli and Kevin Walumbe, claims that the list excluded 426 qualified candidates for the position.