Malindi Families in Fear of Second Violent Evictions From Contested Land

Families living on disputed land in Pindukiani village in Malindi Sub County face violent evictions for the second time after a tycoon brought bulldozers to the site.

The 33 families are embroiled in a land dispute with the tycoon over a 69-acre plot of land that both parties claim to own, and their properties were destroyed in July of this year, leaving them without a place to live.

The residents, led by Omar Gona, Kadzo Thoya, and Stephen Charo, now want the national government to intervene after their efforts in court failed.

According to Gona, they have title deeds to their land, yet the tycoon was using money to frustrate them.

“We ask the government to intervene since we have title deeds, we have developed the area since the days of our grandparents,” he said.

Thoya echoed his sentiments, claiming that when her husband died a decade ago, he left behind a title deed and that the land could not have belonged to anyone other than her family.

“My husband left me land that has now been taken by the tycoon yet I have a title deed. Which government is this that issues title deeds and then snatches them from us? I am now sleeping outside and they have brought bulldozers to finish us,” she said.

Stephen Charo has also asked the government to intervene and assist them.

Ganda ward Member of the County Assembly (MCA) who visited the area condemned the incident, saying he will assist the families in seeking justice through the courts.

“We know the tycoon has money and he is using a lot of money to compromise the situation but I will not allow that to continue,” he said.