Archbishop Muheria has lauded doctors and paramedics for sacrificing their lives to combat Covid

Muheria said doctors and nurses have literally put their lives on the line to assist Covid-19 patients and urged the Government to provide them with protective gear.

Muheria, who was discharged from hospital today after battling Covid-19 urged the clergy to offer prayers and support to health workers, the patients and families of those who have succumbed to the Corona virus. He thanked the Christian Faithfull for praying for his recovery.

“This time it is you my priests, religious and faithful that have held and sustained me. Thank you so much for your care”; Muheria said in a letter to priests, the religious and faithful.

He said although he had been discharged, he will spend the the next two or three weeks to recover fully. ” I have been asked to repose and let the body recover. I will therefore not come immediately to Nyeri, but will find a place where I can slowly regain strength”, the Archbishop said.

Muheria has been the leading light in setting protocols for places of worship in a bid to create hope to humanity, so hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. He was instrumental in negotiating for live Holy Mass coverage by KBC, Live Service at All Saints Cathedral and the coverage of Friday prayers in Mosques.

They have been days of Gods closeness and also of amazing show of Love from so many. Muheria is a firm believer in unity of purpose among all faiths, in a bid to foster the phenomenology of religion.

The Archbishop Prayer; “Once more I ask you to join me in Thanksgiving to God for this great Grace just before the Feast of Christ the King”; the Archbishop said.

Today, after a chapter of 12 days, we conclude our stay in Mater with a big( ALLELUYA, an IMMENSE) “Thanks be to God”.

I wish to praise and thank the Team of Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and other health workers I have interacted closely in these days, for their overwhelming Love! You are special. How I wish we Would appreciate your work more”, Muheria said.

My Sisters of Mercy Have Personally walked with me on every step. Thanks a million! May God repay you! God bless you all and His Name be praised forever!