Baby Sagini’s Grandmother: This Is Why We Wanted Him Dead

    The attackers of a 3-year-old Junior Sagini from Kisii wanted him dead to prevent him from inheriting land, according to his grandmother, who was arrested in relation to the incident.

    Sagini went missing on Wednesday, December 14, and was discovered a day later writhing in pain with blood all over his face after his eyes were mercilessly gouged out.

    The baby’s 60-year-old aunt, Pacificah Nyakirario, and her son, Alex Maina Ochogo, were arrested in connection with the attack on the innocent boy.

    Rael Nyakerario, Sagini’s grandmother, was later apprehended as a prime suspect in the heartbreaking incident.

    The grandmother told detectives in Kisii that Pacifica Nyakerario (her daughter-in-law) and her son, Alex Ochogo, conspired to kill baby Sagini, the presumed sole heir of his ailing stepfather Thomas Ongaga’s land, in her statement detailing the circumstances surrounding the brutal attack that left him blind.

    “They did not want the victim to inherit the family land in the event that his stepfather [who is ailing], dies,” said Sagini’s grandmother in her statement to the police.

    It is reported that Rael had only two sons, Sagini’s father and Ochogo’s who died under unclear circumstances.

    The only man left in the homestead now is Ongaga.

    Ongaga’s sisters suggested that their brother be assisted to get a woman with children, specifically a boy, to keep the homestead alive.

    That is how Sagini and his 7-year-old sister together with their mother, Maureen Nyaboke, were brought to the homestead as Ongaga’s new family.

    Rael claimed that some family members were worried that in the event that Ongaga dies, the next in line to take over the family land would be baby Sagini who is perceived as an outsider.

    The father of the three-year-old boy emotionally defended himself after he was accused of being the perpetrator of the heinous crime.

    The child’s father said on the day Sagini went missing, he came back home and was informed that he was nowhere to be seen.

    “I asked my mother if she had looked for him and she said yes. I also went out to look for the child and I did not find him. The next morning, the baby was found in my brother’s shamba. I had gone through the same place the previous evening looking for the baby but I did not find him,” he said.

    The suspects were denied bond in court on Friday. The three suspects will be held in custody until the trial begins on January 18.